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Conformal Coating Inspection

Conformal Coating Inspection – Inspection of fluorescent coatings with MultiEyeS inline CCI ­
The MultiEyeS inline CCI version is ideally suited for the automatic inspection of fluorescent protective coatings (Conformal Coating Inspection). By illuminating the assemblies to be inspected with UV LEDs, the coated areas are displayed in high contrast and a reliable inspection of the coated areas is given. Typical defects such as unpainted or overpainted areas and also paint splashes are reliably detected.

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Conformal Coating Inspection

The MultiEyeS inline is a completely wear and maintenance-free inline AOI system for THT placement inspection and conformal coating inspection. The system has an integrated camera module consisting of multiple cameras arranged in a matrix-like configuration with a combined resolution of 240 megapixel. With its slim design, the MultiEyeS inline is predestined for use in the narrowest of spaces. 

The images, captured in parallel, are merged together with an application-optimized stitching algorithm. Thereby, no x/y axis movement of the camera head is necessary.

Inspection Scope for Conformal Coating Inspection:

  • Completeness of the painted areas
  • flaws in the paint
  • paint splashes
  • paint smearing
  • dry test / wet test

Goepel MultiEyeS Datasheet