Automatic Die Bonders

Die bonding, Flip Chip Bonding, Ultrasonic Die Bonding, Eutectic Bonding and Sinter Bonding

Die Bonding Systems optimal for R&D, pilot and medium size production. With numerous available options, the bonders can be customized to best suit your needs.

All Tresky Automation Die Bonders have an unique feature called ‘manual mode’, which means you can operate the machine without the need of programming.


Performed to grow from a manual manufacturing process to a fully automated process without any additional hardware changes.


At a similar level of importance comes the way the sample is handled on the T-Series during processing. The compatibility modes ensure consistency in your manufacturing results across machines.


The strength and accuracy of the bond is in proportion a significantly fact for a stable process. TRESKY’s automated die bonder product line has several unique technology solutions therefore available.

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We provide custom bonding solutions to a variety of industries. Find your industry to discover how Tresky GmbH can help you.

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