Bonding Wires

High Quality Wire Bonding Wires for your bonding process.

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homogeneous and corrosion resistant

Heraeus offers a broad range of ball, wedge and studbump wires, all class 4N (99.99%), 3N (99.9%) or 2N (99.0%). And all wires can be manufactured precisely to the customer’s needs.


pure and thin Aluminum wedge bonding wires

Heraeus’ wedge bonding aluminium wire consists of AlSi 1 %-Legierung (99 % aluminum, 1 % silicon) and is trademarked as AIW-29S.


for microwave devices and high-frequency applications

Heraeus’ ribbons are typically custom-manufactured to exacting specifications. For best results, precursor metals with a high purity of 99.999% are doped with other substances.

Gold, aluminium & copper wire on 2″ Spool

  • 17µ    100m
  • 25µ    100m
  • 33µ      70m
  • 50µ      50m
  • 75µ      40m

Heavy Wires

  • 100µ – 500µ

Special Wires

  • Insulated Wires