Three Phase

Ametek CTS offers a range of electronically controlled power sources for EMC and other applications.

ACS 503N series offers basic performance targeted for AC 50/60 Hz harmonics and flicker testing.

NetWave combined AC and DC series offers unmatched performance: 5kHz bandwidth and 8V/us slew rate for performing demanding tests on military, avionics and electrical vehicle devices. Available models range from 20 kVA up to 108 kVA , delivering up to 690 VAC and 1120VDC.

PowerWave (combined AC and DC) extends the power range up to 250 kVA / 250kW in a single unit and up to 1’000 kVA / 1’000 kW in multi-unit configurations. Its main application are EV full vehicle testing (ECE R10), EV high voltage component testing (ISO 21498, LV123, VW80300, MBN 11123, etc.) and general grid simulation (i.e. solar inverter, charging stations etc.).

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