Automatic Wire Bonding

Hesse Mechatronics GmbH, formerly ‘Hesse & Knipps’ is a world leader in the field of ultrasonic welding technology for the microelectronics and semiconductor industries. Hesse Mechatronics have been working in the field of industrial automation since 1986 and in 1995 began the start of a successful business building and selling high tech equipment for the semiconductor industry. Their headquarters along with their manufacturing facilities are located in Paderborn, Germany. Hesse develops and delivers customer specific equipment for the back-end: heavy wire and thin wire wedge bonder, ultrasonic flipchip bonder and special systems right up to complete production lines.

Core competence is the consistent customer orientation, high innovation power and the application of state of the art technology. We invest in all relevant technologies to achieve maximum technical abilities and with the interaction of mechanics, electrics/electronics and software we are able to generate optimum solutions. For example, one development which gained world-wide recognition is the development of a series of wear-free piezo bondheads in a simplistic construction. Another example is the patented process integrated quality control which measures friction, frequency, current, voltage and deformation in real-time.

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