Die Bonding Services

From our demo lab in Eindhoven (NL) our experienced Application Engineers are able to offer Micoelectronics Packaging Services.

Technical advise, flexibility, quality, fast delevery and a good and long term relation with our clients are the keywords for a succesfull coorperation.

  • Product and process demonstrations
  • Single prototype production
  • Low volume production
  • Process development and trainings

With our network of equipment manufacturers and local partners we are able to offer a solution for many Micro Electronics Packaging challenges.

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For specialistic prototypes  to low/mid  volume production.

Automatic accurate epoxy bonding  : GaAs, Silicon, Glass Dies

  • Pickup from wafer, waffle of Gel Pak
  • Component size from 0,2 mm  to > 50mm
  • Programmable Pattern Dispensing
  • Handles CCD and other sensors, LCD’s MEMS.
  • Unique Die Stacking with Bond line Thickness.

Applications :

  • Chip on Board (COB)
  • Chip on Flex (COF)
  • Chip on Glass (COG)
  • Chip in Package (Ceramic, Metal and Plastic)
  • Many more…..


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