3D AOI Entry Level

The new Goepel 3D XE series: High-performance automatic optical inspection systems for inline or stand-alone use. Take advantage of full 3D AOI technology at a price that takes your breath away – all Made in Germany!

The Advanced Line – 3D XE and Basic Line – 3D XE systems are ideally suited for small and medium batch sizes. Rely on high inspection speed and the possibility to use them as a full-fledged solder paste inspection system.
Above all, you also save valuable time: MagicClick enables AI-based fully automatic creation and optimization of your inspection programs and libraries in just a few minutes.

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3D AOI Entry Level

Inline or stand-alone production AOI systems with full 3D inspection functionality at reduced investment cost!

The series consists of the stand-alone system Basic Line – 3D XE and the inline system Advanced Line – 3D XE.

Flexible interfaces such as Hermes or PULSE allow production line integration of the inline version; for smaller quantities, the offline 3D AOI system with manual loading is an attractive solution.
In addition, both systems can also be used as full 3D solder paste inspection systems (SPI). Thus configuration as an inspection island offers a highly efficient and flexible production environment.

The 3D XE-series features Goepel MagicClick for fast automated AI-based programming and integrates to Goepel PILOT CONNECT for integration with MES and database systems to centralize all inspection and machine data.

  • 3D AOI at explosive prices
  • Customer-specific production integration with flexible interfaces (Hermes, Pulse etc.) or use as 3D AOI system with manual loading
  • Optimal for small or medium batch sizesT
  • Two resolution variants available
  • Full-fledged use as SPI system
  • Automatic, AI-based test program generation with MagicClickI
  • Individual MES connection on delivery
  • X/Y resolution:
    Standard : 20 µm
    High Resolution : 15 µm
  • Z resolution : 1 μm
  • Inspection speed:
    Standard: up to 50 cm²/s
    High Resolution : up to 35 cm²/s
  • PCB size:
    Basic Line – 3D XE
    Standard: 460 mm x 350 mm
    Optional: 460 mm x 500 mm
    Advancedline – 3D XE
    Standard: 410 mm x 450 mm
    Optional: 1600 mm x 450 mm
  • PCB clearance top side: up to 40 mm

MagicClick Saves up to 80% of AOI programming and optimization time.

  • Generates production-ready test program including component library in only a few minutes
  • PCB-specific layout is considered through import and automatic analysis of Gerber data
  • Optimization of inspection parameters based on sample PCB and IPC standard
  • Only minimal adjustments are required after test program generation
  • Efficient use of AOI already for second PCB
  • Up to 80% time savings for test program generation and optimization
  • Guarantees return on investment in the shortest time
  • Available in software PILOT AOI Version 6

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