Production Documentation

twDocumentor publishes all your documents or reports with one click: Load one of the templates previously created with Microsoft Word, select the TestWay Express or QuadView project to document and automatically create shop floor documentation and reports.

  • Generate documentation for manual assembly process and production documentation; test instruction sheets; testability analysis and test coverage reports.
  • Powered by the industry standard Microsoft Word.
  • Fully automated process.
  • Create a paperless production environment.

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Production Documentation

twDocumentor publishes, with one click, all your documents and reports:

  • Manual assembly process and shop floor documentation,
  • Test instruction sheets,
  • Testability analysis or test coverage reports.

Just load one of the templates previously created with Microsoft Word, select the TestWay project to document and automatically create the document.
Then, it can then be modified with job specific information, images or video files for explicit instructions.
Several output formats are available: DOC, PDF or HTML.

  • Immediate return on investment Improve team productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks that have no added value. Simplify procedures by automating the process flow.
  • Ease of use twDocumentor is based on Microsoft Word and powered by QuadView or TestWay Express. Microsoft Word is an industry standard package that your engineering team already knows how to use.
  • Industry Standard ECMA International, recognized for their work in the standardization of information and communication technologies, has des-ignated Word formats Microsoft Office Open XML as an industry standard.
  • Quick Document Creation Once the template is designed, it is possible to generate instruction sheets, assembly documentation, checklists and customized analysis reports, within minutes.
  • Automatic table creation Powerful search criteria are used to define what components should be shown and with what information. twDocumentor adds proprietary comments to manage tables and board drawing insertion.
  • Flexible color assignment twDocumentor automatically selects the component highlight colors for ease of navigation between the information table and the board views.
  • Fully Interactive Cross-probing Documents deployed within QuadView have full cross-probe capability between the work instruction, layout, schematic and netlist views, as well as other Aster products such as TestWay and QUAD.
  • Layout from native CAD formats Create layout views from standard CAD formats such as GENCAD, CAMCAD, FATF, ODB++, or direct from native CAD layout data.

twDocumentor is a dedicated toolbar add-in for Microsoft Word that allows direct access to TestWay Express and QuadView and their specialized functions:

  • Load the CAD data and BOM,
  • View the PCBA,
  • Insert board views,
  • Create tables linked to the board views,
  • Select and highlight component colors,
  • Access to CAD attributes and TestWay analysis results,
  • Run TestWay rules or customer’s rules,
  • Use TestWay scripts to generate custom files.

Engineering Change Order
twECO is designed to manage post fabrication PCBA modifications such as track cuts, drilled vias, wire straps, component addition or removals and glue dots, etc…
All these actions are automatically documented and can be exported to twDocumentor or a text file.
A BOM comparison is performed automatically, which simplifies the creation of documents detailing the actions necessary to upgrade the board.
This innovative feature greatly reduces the engineering effort in the documentation and control of ECO.

Documentor Portal

Documentor Portal is an information management tool. As part of the Manufacturing Execution System, it is used to organize the documentation and management of user groups to access it. All information is centralized and visible only to authorized users.
This tool is free with QuadView and offers users the ability to graphically access CAD data. It will manage all information relating to a PCB; assembly documentation, test procedures, test coverage analysis reports, testability reports, as well as other design and/or manufacturing documentation.
Using the HTML format, twDocumentor can provide a “Paperless” solution where the documents are fully interactive within QuadView.