Standard X-Ray Systems

Non-Destructive X-ray Inspection Technology for Electronics

COMET YXLON industrial X-ray (DR) and computed tomography (CT) inspection systems are designed to meet requirements for safe, reliable, non-destructive testing of electronic, microelectronic, and electromechanical products.
Multilayer Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
COMET YXLON X-ray inspection technology is used in the production of multilayer printed circuit boards to measure the position offset and minimal residual ring width. High quality X-ray images in oblique view allow for the detailed observations

  • Visualization of individual layers
  • Detection of defects
  • Detection of failures

As an example, X-ray imaging can detect etching or layout errors, shorts caused by faulty interconnects and poor metallization of contact holes.

Assembled Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
High-resolution COMET YXLON X-ray imaging is widely used in failure analysis and production quality testing of electronic components such as solder joint inspection. X-ray images help identify material defects and quality characteristics that influence the shape of the solder joint.

  • Missing solder fillings
  • Missing solder connections
  • Solder voids
  • Solder bridges
  • Mistakes due to lack of wetting

With the semi-automatic testing software on COMET YXLON industrial X-ray inspection systems, quick and easy ‘teach-in’ programming is possible, as well as the highest fault coverage and repeatability.

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