3D AOI - Automatic Optical Inspection

Innovative Automated Optical Ispection (AOI) and Solder Paste Inspection Systems with traditional Know-How
The utilisation of innovative 2D and 3D technology combined with traditional optical know-how and leading edge software architecture forms the core of the OptiCon systems‘ development philosophy.

All core components primarily responsible for the systems‘ performance have been developed in-house by GOEPEL electronic. These are, for example, the camera module, illumination components and the communication system GigE_Connect.

All additional modules are high-tech made in Germany, in cooperation with experienced partners tailor-made for the inspection of mounted and soldered assemblies.
In addition to short-termed customised adjustments, this development concept guarantees the immediate reaction to new test tasks and the integration of latest technologies. GOEPEL electronic’s complete manufacturing range provides the key requirements for fastest possible implementations.

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