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QUAD (QUality ADvisor) is a software suite built around a centralized database for providing traceability of any PCB / Systems electronic production data. It offers a powerful support for PCB fault diagnosis and collects all data regarding PCB repair to share experience between QUAD users. It provides access to detailed information in real-time that can be presented clearly and precisely using advanced reporting.

The strategic benefits that the manufacture can expect include:

  • Cycle-time reduction.
  • Time-to-market improvement.
  • Quality, productivity, and yield improvements.
  • Complete product/component traceability.
  • Innovative paperless repair loop.
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QUAD (QUality ADvisor) is a flexible modular Quality Management system built around a centralized and open architecture database, providing traceability for any PCB electronic production data. QUAD covers all quality aspects of PCB assembly, sub-assembly and system build, allowing you to manage the quality data flow from product realization to product retirement. It has been designed to be used either standalone or to be easily integrated into any existing production environment.

The software offers powerful support for PCB fault diagnosis and provides access to detailed information in real-time that can be presented clearly and precisely using advanced reporting. This allows users to analyze real-time information, in order to diagnose and resolve process problems at the earliest opportunity to improve yield, quality and productivity, which will ultimately result in lowering cost.

  • QuadRecorder with the use of a template file, will automatically collect data from sources on your shop floor. Once the data is collected, the tools can be applied for paperless inspection, test, diagnosis and repair. We can interface with the ERP database to  collect further information negating the need to duplicate effort.
  • QuadFeederSafe can be added for production component management, feeder management, loading management and component traceability.
  • QuadWIP can be added for board or batch location and timing checks.
  • QuadReports and QuadWebReports can be added for production and publication of real time reports and alarms.

  • Quad-DPMO will extract the true Defect Per Million Opportunities from the traceability database, built from the production line. Enables to use the real DPMO to drive and improve future test coverage estimation from Schematic or layout.
  • Record everything that happens to a board within your facility, when, by whom and with what.
  • Remove paper from your facility and the problems that are associated with it.
  • Scalable configuration, from one tester, to a group of interconnected facilities.
  • Modular implementation, only purchase the modules to fulfil your particular needs.
  • Centralized clock system to guarantee the event chronology throughout the whole process.
  • Central database using industry standards.
  • Multilingual user interface and table structure.

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