JTAG/Boundary Scan Flying Probe Test Integration

Advantages of the Integration in Flying Probe Tester (FPT)

Very high fault coverage, even with highly compact boards

High flexibility and fast development time because of no need for an PCBA-specific testadapter

“Testing without test points” through possibility of contacting on component pads

Simple test program creation, as each test procedure is applied technology-specific

Fast overall system due to possible test step reduction

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Integration of Embedded JTAG Solutions in Flying Probe Tester (FPT)

The Flying Probe test procedure is a flexible solution for testing discrete analog components. With very precise needles (“probes”) Flying Probe testers are particularly suitable for small and medium production volumes.

The Flying Probe test’s disadvantage, its execution speed, can be reduced to the lowest level by combining FPT with Embedded JTAG Solutions.

A particular advantage of this combination is the ability to apply the probes as virtual Boundary Scan cells, allowing traces to be tested which were previously untestable with Embedded JTAG Solutions.

Additional Test Options at Board and System Level

Specially designed integration packages in various performance classes contain a hardware and software configuration tailored to the ATE (Automatic Test Equipment).
The functions of the SYSTEM CASCON software platform are integrated into the ATE software for Flying Probe Testers. A common error report completes the integration solution.

With this combination of test technologies, the user benefits from a multitude of additional test options at board and system level over the entire product life cycle. In contrast to individual systems, integration offers significant advantages in test coverage, diagnostic depth and process optimization.

Available for various test systems.

An integration of Goepel Embedded JTAG Solutions is available for Takaya APT-1400F/1600FD/9411CE/9600CE.

System integration in Takaya APT

    • SFX II CUBE Controller with SFX-5704 measurement module
    • up to 8 connections for TAP Interface Cards (TIC Modules)
    • adaption of JTAG, SWD, SBW, PIC1x and BDM possible
    • interactive tests between JTAG/Boundary Scan and Flying Probe
    • support of Multiprobe option in Takaya APT-1600FD
    • CASCON GALAXY for Takaya APT
    • Communication Link Software (CLS) for integration into APT-SW

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