Add-on kits

A wide range of add-ons for the TPT Wire Bonders.

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H50 Spot Light Target

The TPT Spotlight targeting system allows precise aiming with a small laser spot.

H51 Manual Z-Controller

The TPT manual Z-Controller allows you to operate your bondhead manually. The Bond is being made automatically as soon as the needle hits the substrate. Especially when it comes to complex loop shapes the manual Z-Controller is of great help.

H52 Dynamic Search

The TPT Dynamic Search box offers 3 features:

  • Dynamic Search adjustment
  • Dynamic bond length adjustment
  • Stitch function
H53 Pull Tester

The H53 Pull tester is a simple solution to test your bonds for bond strength.

H80 Pick & Place Kit

The TPT Pick & Place kit offers:

  • Easy change from wire bonding to die bonding
  • 6 to 1 fine ratio manipulator
  • programmable force 10cN up to 150cN
  • programmable time from up to 10sec

Kit includes :
Vacuumpump, wafflepack holder, epoxy stamping unit for heater stage and vacuum pick-up and stamping tool.

H47 Copper Ball Bonding Kit

The copper ball bonding Kit enables the TPT wire bonder to do Cu ball bonds by using a gas flow during flame off to prevent oxidization of the ball.

H58 Stitch Pedal

For easy activation of Stich Bond mode by foot.

H40 Tool Heater

The TPT Tool Heater allows you to bond goldwire-connections without heating your substrates a lower use of ultrasonic. The result is an ideal bond-connection. Voltage Power 9V

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