Multiple preconfigured I/O panel options are available.  As these panels are conveniently interchangeable in the field, users can update their existing 5600 test box to meet new testing requirements. Ethernet (POE) and USB 2.0 filter offerings are designed to maintain signal integrity and minimize electromagnetic interference from entering in or leaking out from the enclosure. DC power option is available using DB9 (5A max) or with terminal style (20A max) filtered connectors.
ETS-Lindgren lossy foam moderate performance RF absorber (constructed of a graded dielectric material) provides absorption at microwave frequencies, thus eliminating unwanted reflection within the RF enclosure.
5600 series test boxes have a precision installed “braid over foam” RF seal on the enclosure’s integrated lip channel. This works to resist compression sets to more than 50,000 cycles and extends the lifespan of the RF seal performance.
Consistent to all ETS-Lindgren product lines, the 5600 series offers lightweight and robust construction, versatile for any wireless testing need.

Dual layer reinforced door cover and durable hinges with stoppers that prevent bending and warping of the top side geometry (most susceptible area of an RF enclosure)
High quality nickel fabric over urethane foam core dual gasket door seals
All metal is conversion coated to maintain conductivity prior to powder coating to minimize oxidation.

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ETS-Lindgren’s 5600 series of RF Test Enclosures are self-contained, portable test cell enclosures designed for testing wireless devices in a development, production, and/or quality assurance environment, from 300 MHz to 13 GHz. Other applications can include 802.11 A, B, G and N devices, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, 3G, IOT, and LTE. These small device test enclosures can help isolate devices under test from outside signal interference allowing users to make reliable and repeatable measurements in a noise free environment. Tabletop and rack mount configurations are available.

ETS 5600 Series Test Box