2D Profile Measurement
  • Step Height (avg., max. and min. height)
  • Flatness and Warpage
  • Width and Length
  • Cross Section Area
  • Angle, Radius, Contour Analysis


Define base line and measurement areas using reference and measurement cursors. Select analysis from dropdown menu.

Profile Roughness Measurement
  • DIN EN ISO conform Roughness Parameters
  • Shape Removal Algorithm
  • Abbott-Firestone Material Curve
  • Histogram
  • Tip Simulation for Non-Contact Systems


Advanced roughness analysis, even on round or angled surfaces using shape compensation. Display waviness and roughness profile.

3D Coplanarity Measurement
  • 3D Height (avg., max. and min. height)
  • Flatness and Warpage
  • Coplanarity


Draw rectangle, round or polygon cursors to define base plane and measurement areas.

3D Volume & Area Measurements
  • Volume (Cuts, Fills, Net Volume)
  • Planar area
  • Surface area

Measures cuts and fills and uses height threshold. Accurate areal and planar surface calculations.



3D Roughness Measurements
  • New DIN EN ISO 25178 Parameters
  • 3D Waviness Filters
  • 3D Abbott-Firestone material curve, Histogram

Use advanced DIN /TS 16610 Filters. 3D Roughness Analysis even on warped or uneven surfaces.

2D / 3D Surface Compensation
  • 2D and 3D Polynom Fit
  • Pre- and after measurements
  • Areal Waviness Compensation

Surface compensation is only applied based on the data in the reference cursors.

Parallel Data Collection
  • Parallel scanning with up to 4 sensors
  • Collect Top, Bottom and Thickness data
  • Average Thickness, Bow and Curvature
  • Total Thickness Variation
  • Parallel Intensity Masking

Graphical display of thickness maps and top/bottom surfaces.

More Features and Highlights
  • x-, y-, z-data stitching capability
  • 2D and 3D etch detection algorithm
  • 3D surface matching
  • Raster up to 400,000,000 data points
  • Integrated user management

Compare geometry by overlaying profiles.