Models and Configurations

AP-300 and AP-600 Plasma Treatment Machines


The AP-300 and AP-600 plasma treatment machines are benchtop-style, completely self-contained, requiring minimal bench space. The system chassis houses the plasma chamber, control electronics, 13.56 MHz RF generator, and the automatic matching network (only the vacuum pump is external to the system). Maintenance access is provided through an interlocked door or removable panels.

The plasma chamber supports up to 7 removable and adjustable powered or grounded shelves to accommodate a wide range of piece-parts, components, and part carriers including magazines, trays, and boats. The vacuum plasma treatment systems can accommodate a wide range of process gases including argon, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, and fluorinated gases.

Both models come standard with two (2) electronic mass flow controllers for optimal gas control, with another two (2) available optionally (4 total max.). Convenient facility hook-ups for periodic calibration requirements used in validation processes.

AP-1000 Plasma Treatment Equipment:


The AP-1000 platform allows full, front access allows for convenient access to all interior components. The pump is positioned on rollers for easy removal. The plasma chamber is constructed of 11-gauge stainless steel with aluminum fixtures for superior durability. The chamber has multiple removable and adjustable shelves to accommodate a range of part carriers, including magazines, trays, wafer and Auer boats.

The AP-1000 Plasma Treatment System with optional HTP (high throughput) shelves combines the reliability and process quality of the AP-1000 system with the proven benefits of Nordson MARCH’s unique shelf design. The AP-1000 HTP optimizes use of the reactive ions found in RF plasma, increasing treatment uniformity while decreasing process time.

The AP-1000 HTP system allows selection from a range of process gases such as Argon, Hydrogen and Helium. It comes standard equipped with four mass flow controllers for optimal gas control. Slotted magazines are placed vertically inside the chamber.

Additionally, slotted magazines can be placed vertically inside the chamber. Typically, each magazine holds a minimum of 20 lead frames. The AP-1000 plasma chamber can hold up to 12 magazines, depending on magazine size.

AP-1500 Plasma Treatment Equipment

The AP-1500 plasma system is an effective plasma treatment with an extra-large chamber for batch processing. It is a cost- and space-efficient vacuum plasma treatment machine for treating all types of parts and components. It is completely self-contained, and requires minimal floor space. The pump, chamber, control electronics, and 13.56 MHz RF generator are all contained within its enclosure.

The AP-1500 Plasma Treatment Equipment also offers slide-out horizontal shelves for ease of loading and unloading. Its compact and service-friendly design features a small footprint, and is designed for maintenance access from only the front and rear of the system. Therefore, multiple vacuum plasma treatment systems can be placed side-by-side to maximize floor space utilization.

The pump is positioned on rollers for easy removal. The control system can be password-protected at multiple levels to prevent unauthorized recipe modification. This ensures consistent performance of the system from the first batch to the last.