ScanFlex II

SCANFLEX systems are controlled through a JTAG/Boundary Scan Controller. This controller is responsible for simultaneous generation and dynamic distribution of serial patterns, parallel patterns, and control sequences, supporting three standard SFX and SFX/LS Interfaces.

All SCANFLEX Controllers are available in three performance classes (A/B/C).
The product portfolio is being constantly expanded. Customer specific products are offered upon request.

SCANFLEX II Controller
Configurations available for SCANFLEX II CUBE / SCANFLEX II BLADE 4 / SCANFLEX II BLADE 4 RMx3 (3 Controller)

SCANFLEX II Controller (SFX II BLADE 4) for GBit LAN and USB 3.0 for medium performance requirements
SCANFLEX II CUBE Controller for GBit LAN and USB 3
SCANFLEX II BLADE 4 / 8 Controller in 19″ box for medium and high performance requirements

Configuration overview of the new generation

Max. TCK Frequency 20 MHz 50 MHz 100 MHz
Data processing normal – Scan Data Buffer fast – SPACE™ III architecture (up to 20 times faster) fast – SPACE™ III architecture (up to 20 times faster)
Upgrade FASTSCALE™ (Upgrade to Controller B or C) FASTSCALE™ (Upgrade to Controller C)

Extensions to the SCANFLEX II Controller
Systematically test the characteristics of a wide range of interfaces such as RS232, I2C and SPI or complex interfaces such as USB, LAN and media connections with the SFX II ITM (Interface Tester Master). The simultaneous interface test on several test objects is also supported.
See the “I/O Modules” tab for more info.