Part number system

Part number system:

GN 500, GN 1000:

7U and 8U amplifiers are available in 2 versions:
D: with display, digital control, IEEE Communication
DC: D version with  integrated coupler and display of instantaneous power

GN 2000, GN 3500, GN 7000, GN 12000:

18U and larger than 18u amplifiers are only available in DC version.

Depending on your needs and configuration of the amplifier, Prana engineers can provide:

Foward and refelected self limitation
Variable gain
Variable attenuator
Hard interlock
RS232 interface
0 dBm maximum input power
Design for future upgrade

Connectors can be selected without additional cost:
Type N, 7/16, BNC, C, EIA connectors on front or rear panel