vsurge NX20 – Pulse voltage generator for photovoltaic panels

As per IEC/EN 61730-1/2 requirements for surge testing of photovoltaic panels these shall be wrapped with copper foil. This leads to comparatively high capacitance values of several tenth of nanofarad (typically values between approx. 20 nF and 170 nF are seen). This capacitance is switched in parallel to the output of the generator. The required waveform of 1.2/50us needs to be maintained within the specified tolerance for the entire load range. To cope with these requirements a dedicated impulse voltage generator is required.

The EM TEST vsurge NX20 has been designed to cover the full range of capacitive load photovoltaic panels may represent offering 11 different load ranges. Each load range is based on a separate pulseforming network to comply with the tolerances given in the standard.

Same as all EM TEST equipment the vsurge NX20 offers manual operation as well as remote control operation via software. The generator detects automatically the manual selected PV-panel capacity range as well as the polarity for all tests. Opto Link with USB at the computer and ethernet interfaces are implemented for software control.

Easy to operate

Front panel menu and function keys enable the user to program his test routines quickly and accurately. The touch screen allows fast control of all test parameters of the programmed routine, thus test procedures are simplified and confidence is generated that every step is carried out correctly.