VSS 500N10 – 10kV Voltage surge simulator for saftey testing

The VSS 500N10 is a surge voltage simulator specifically designed to meet the surge test requirements for safety tests on audio, video and similar apparatus. The standards specify the components for the pulse generation. A special switch is used in the VSS 500N10, designed to avoid any energy to dissipate in arcing or inadequate isulation.
Safety precautions are taken to assure safe operation at this high voltage level. The VSS 500N10 provides interlock and warning lamp control.
iec.control remote control and documentation software allows fully automated testing.

Easy to operate

Front panel menu and function keys enable the user to program his test routines quickly and accurately. The cursor allows fast control of all test parameters of the programmed routine, thus test procedures are simplified and confidence is generated that every step is carried out correctly.