Auxiliary Devices

CN 16-L2/L4

Coupling Network for 2 or 4 line coupling (0 – 330V ac/dc), max. 40W

CN 16-L3

Coupling Network for 3 line coupling (0 – 330V ac/dc), max. 40W

CN 16-L3/690V

Coupling network for ac mains supply lines 3x690V (p-p) (L1, L2, L3)

CN 16-L4/690V

Coupling network for ac mains supply lines 3x690V (p-p) (L1, L2, L3, N)

CN 16-L8

Coupling Network for 8 line coupling (0-330V ac/dc), max. 40W

CDN 16-L2

Coupling/decoupling network for two supply lines, 230V (p-n), 16A with built-in isolation transformer, 6HU

CDN 16-L4/400V

Coupling/decoupling network 3 phase (3L+N) coupling, 3x400V/16A with isolation transformer for decoupling, includes minirack 25HE that houses CWS 500N4 also

CDN 16-T2

Coupling/decoupling Network for balanced pair (2 telecom lines) 0 – 60V dc / 2 A

CN 60255-22-7

Coupling Network acc. IEC 60255-22-7 fig. 2,3&4 – 4 lines cm & dm


Option for testing Electricity meters as per IEC 61000-4-19, Annex C, including multimeter for current measuring, Shunt resistor 1ohm and 100ohm (SH ELM), additional connection cables


Retrofitting of Option ELM for existing CWS 500N4 including Option ELM Set, upgrade and calibration of CWS 500N4
Note: additional upgrades could be required for older models!!

ACS 500N2.3

AC/DC Voltage source 2kVA, 330V/6A   (1 phase)  w galvanic isolation, mains supply 230V/16A, 50/60Hz

MV 2606N2.2

Motorized Variac 0 – 330V / 6 A 1.8 kVA w. galvanic isolation, mains supply 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz