Conducted common mode testing out of one single box – Easy, fast and reliable

The CWS 500N4 consists of all the necessary parts to perform full-compliant tests as per IEC 61000-4-16 including the signal generator, the LF amplifier, a DC rectifier module, a semiconductor power switch and the rms measurement of voltage and current.

The CWS 500N4 is able to generate all continuous mode test levels up to 30V (DC, 16 2/3Hz, 50Hz and 60Hz) and the frequency sweep 15Hz to 150kHz without any additional external voltage source.
In order to perform the short-term mode tests up to 300V (DC, 50Hz or 60Hz, depending on the mains line frequency) the optional MV 2606N2.2 is required.
If tests need to be done with 16 2/3Hz or at frequencies other than the mains line frequency the optional programmable AC voltage source ACS 500N2.2 is needed.

For remote control via icd.control software both a GPIB and USB interface are available. icd.control software supports the various test routines, can automatically generate a test report including all test data and offers multiple interruption functions.
Manually operated the user is offered the Quick Start test routine for the easy and efficient testing of specific test points without software.