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“3D” AOI and X-Ray Technology Workshop 2019

“3D” AOI and X-Ray Technology Workshop 2019

AOI and X-Ray “3D Inspection” Workshop – March 19, 2019 in Eindhoven

3D AOI systems have been around for some time now.
It is now time for the next generation of systems that enable shadowfree measurements and creating new programs in minutes, not in hours.
As more and more solders are meanwhile underneath the components and not visible from the top, X-Ray inspection becomes a necessity in todays electronic manufacturing.

During this workshop you will discover our 3D Inspection solutions for shadow-free AOI inspection and measurements as well as for 2D and 3D X-Ray inspection using Computed Tomography (CT) and laminography techniques.
Learn how to create new 3D AOI programs and AXI routines in minutes, not in hours!

This workshop is intended for any engineer involved with SMT and THT inspection, PCBA operations managers, quality engineers and anyone  interested to keep up with the evolutions in electronic assembly and inspection.
Also in 2019 Accelonix will help to keep you ahead in these fast changing times for electronic production and manufacturing services.

3D AOI and X-Ray Technology WorkshopRegistration Form
Date: 19th March 2019
Location: Accelonix Eindhoven
Following Inspection Systems will be presented or demonstrated:

  • VarioLine:
    • Shadowfree inspection
    • 3D AOI
  • MagicClick
    • Create 3D AOI programs in minutes!
  • Yxlon FeinFocus Cheetah:
    • CT scans of hidden solders
    • Laminography for fast inspection of BGA components
    • Automated X-Ray Inspection (AXI)
  • Inline Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and AXI
    • Introduction to enhanced inline SPI and Inline 100% AXI inspection

We hope to welcome you in Eindhoven!
Free lunch and refreshments are included.

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