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 The HB100 represents a new generation of automatic desktop wire bonder with motorised Z-X-Y axis, bondhead rotation and pattern recognition.

  • Perfectly suited for laboratories and small volume productions.
  • This versatile machine can perform wedge and ball bonding with a single bond head.
  • With fast, precise linear motor axis, the HB100 is very easy to use and packed with exciting features such as a touch-screen, dual camera system and joystick control.
  • In addition, the latest software technology supports the user with process guidance and bond assist features.
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Automatic Wire Bonder
Pattern recognition Wedge, ball & ribbon bonding
21″ Touch Panel Automatic bond height adjustment Simple Loop Programming
Repeatable Loop Profiles Deep & wide access Motorised Wire Clamp
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  • Gold & Aluminium Wire Diameter 17-75µ (0.7 – 3 mil)
  • Ribbon Size up to 25×250µ (1×8 mil)
  • X-Y Drive & Resolution linear motors 0.1µ
  • 63.3kHz Transducer PLL Control (110kHz option)
  • Ultrasonic Power 0-10 Watt Output
  • Bond Time 0-5 seconds
  • Bond Force 10-200cNm
  • 90° Wire Feed Angle
  • 100mm Motorized Z travel
  • Motorized X, Y, Z and Theta axis
  • Loop Profile Software with up to 10 steps
  • Intuitive 21″ Interface with Touch Screen Control
  • Simple change between Ball and Wedge Bonding
  • Deep Access Bondhead
  • Dual Camera System for Detail view and Overview at the same time
  • Crash Prevention System for Z-Axis Touch Down
  • Parameters Entered using Real Units of Force, Time and Power
  • Broad range of Accessories like Heater stages and Top Plates
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TPT HB100 Datasheet

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