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ADT 7900 / 7930 Series

ADT 7900 – Double spindle

The ADT 7900 Series has two facing spindles that can simultaneously dice wafers or packages at high throughput.

ADT7900 series is a high accuracy system that can dice product at high performances and low cost of operation.

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As part of the growing market of the LED segment and the ongoing demand to lower the cost of production per unit (CoO), ADT has responded with a dual spindle system model 7900 Duo that double the productivity while maintaining the same current production floor space.

The 7900 Duo system provides a perfect solution for applications that require a long cut cycle time such as image sensors and saw devices.

Further to the automatic vision and easy New User Interface (NUI), ADT is offering a unique feature for processing and programming of broken wafers.

7900 Series Advantages:

  • Two facing spindles enable simultaneous dicing
  • Low vibration platform
  • Fast automatic alignment and cut positioning increase throughput
  • Small footprint reduces cost of ownership
  • Automatic Kerf inspection increase yield
  • Automatic Y offset correction ensures maximum precision
  • Tape surface detection ensures consistent cut quality
  • Touch screen user interface

Other key Features of Importance

  • Highest Dicing Process Speeds – Lowest costs
  • Air bearing feed axis (X)
  • Fast automatic alignment and cut positioning for increased throughput
  • Automatic Kerf inspection and quality analysis for maximum precision
  • Process data logging and statistical analysis
  • Fest & Simple Blade change
  • SECS GEM platform ready
  • Full access to any area of the system for easy maintenance access
  • Small foot print
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