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ADT 7900 / 7930 Series

ADT 7900 – Double spindle

The ADT 7900 Series has two facing spindles that can simultaneously dice wafers or packages at high throughput.

ADT7900 series is a high accuracy system that can dice product at high performances and low cost of operation.

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As part of the growing market of the LED segment and the ongoing demand to lower the cost of production per unit (CoO), ADT has responded with a dual spindle system model 7900 Duo that double the productivity while maintaining the same current production floor space.

The 7900 Duo system provides a perfect solution for applications that require a long cut cycle time such as image sensors and saw devices.

Further to the automatic vision and easy New User Interface (NUI), ADT is offering a unique feature for processing and programming of broken wafers.

7900 Series Advantages:

  • Two facing spindles enable simultaneous dicing
  • Low vibration platform
  • Fast automatic alignment and cut positioning increase throughput
  • Small footprint reduces cost of ownership
  • Automatic Kerf inspection increase yield
  • Automatic Y offset correction ensures maximum precision
  • Tape surface detection ensures consistent cut quality
  • Touch screen user interface

Other key Features of Importance

  • Highest Dicing Process Speeds – Lowest costs
  • Air bearing feed axis (X)
  • Fast automatic alignment and cut positioning for increased throughput
  • Automatic Kerf inspection and quality analysis for maximum precision
  • Process data logging and statistical analysis
  • Fest & Simple Blade change
  • SECS GEM platform ready
  • Full access to any area of the system for easy maintenance access
  • Small foot print
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System Specifications

Work piece size:
7900 Duo up to 8″ x 8″
7920 Duo up to 10″ x 10″
7930 Duo up to 12″ x 10″ or 12″ Dia.

Blade size: 2″- 3″

Spindle: Two facing spindle, 60 krpm, 2.5 kW and rated torque of 0.25 Nm

Y1/Y2 Axis
Drive: Ball bearing lead screw with stepper motor
Control: linear encoder
Resolution: 0.1 µm
Cumulative accuracy: 1.5 µm
Indexing accuracy: 1.0 µm

Cutting range: 
7900 Duo 8″
7920 Duo 10″
7930 Duo 12″

X Axis
Drive: Ball bearing lead screw
Air bearing slide
Feed rate: up to 600 mm/sec
Cutting range: 410mm

Z1/ Z2 Axis
Drive: Ball bearing lead screw
Resolution: 0.2 µm
Accuracy: 2.0 µm
Repeatability: 1.0 µm
Stroke: up to 40mm

Ø  Axis
Drive: closed-loop, direct-drive
Accuracy: 4 arc-sec
Repeatability: 4 arc-sec
Stroke: 350 deg.

Vision System
Digital camera, Fire wire link
High bright LED illumination (vertical & oblique)

Electrical: 200-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, Single phase
Air consumption: 260 L/min @ 5.5 bar
Cutting water (per spindle): 3 L/min
Spindle water (per spindle): 1.1 l/min

Dimensions (WxDxH):
875 x 975 x 1450 mm
Weight: 900 kg

Automatic alignment
Automatic Kerf inspection
Automatic Y offset correction

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New User Interface (NUI) Upgrade Kit

 A New User Interface (NUI) Upgrade Kit

State of the Art Technology!

ADT strives to offer our customers a business model that promotes “continuous improvement opportunities” for your existing capital equipment investment.

ADT offers a variety of “DICING SAW UPGRADE KITS” that allow you to maintain best in class dicing capability and performance.

Key Conversion Justification Points:

  • Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft.  This kit has Windows 7 embedded.
  • ADT will no longer offer software upgrades to the ADT Dicing Saw XP software.
  • Moving to NUI Software will ensure you continue to get free software upgrades.
  • Equipment users are more familiar with touch screen technology with the global use of smart phones and touch PC’s and Laptops.  This conversion will offer operator & technician simplicity.
  • Behind the scenes, process technicians will have all the flexibility of the vast capability that ADT is known for.
  • Therefore, operators get ease of use and training while process engineers get to keep the tremendous depth of capability.
Dicing Floor Management (DFM)

DFM system is a software and hardware option based on SECS/GEM* communication protocol that collects data and monitors all dicing saw machines at the production floor.

The DFM system will generate detailed reports such as UPH, up time, production data and other useful information for the production managers and is also of great value to your customers who demand data tracking.

Full barcode capability is embedded in the system for operator simplicity.

The DFM system will support up to 30 ADT different dicing saw machines.

The main advantages:

  • Transparency & real time visibility of the production floor
  • Progressive production monitoring
  • Monitoring the production efficiency
  • Tracking operator performances
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increased reliability and quality
  • Easy to file reports (daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Blade inventory management
  • Recipe backups
  • Capability to transfer recipe between the systems
Coating De-coating system

Many applications, as MEMS devices and Optic components, are sensitive to the environment developed during the dicing process.

To protect the wafer during the dicing process, avoiding component damage, ADT has developed an option which coats the wafer with a very thin film of a transparent coating material before the dicing process, later removed as part of the wafer cleaning process.

Dressing Procedure

ADT has developed a new software feature that provides the ability to ‘dress and drag’ (Y axis moves forward at a programmed speed dragging the blade into the dress material) the blade to maintain a flat edge on the dicing blade instead of a standard “dicing” methods on a dress block.

This feature is available on the new 7120 / 7130 / 7220 dicing machines.

Field retrofit is available.

Tapeless 7134 dicing saw

ADT has recently completed a new project for dicing in a tapeless process mode. The work piece is placed on a formal rubber pad with vacuum holes, holding the workpiece and diced parts in place during the dicing process without the use of dicing tape.

To create a high level of vacuum on the tapeless dicing chuck, the dicing machine is configured with a special high level vacuum pump and a special large water separator.

The above solution is also available on the 7122 / 7132 / 7124 dicing systems, including the possibility of supporting small dies.

Barcode Reader

The dicing saws support the option of adding a Barcode reader.
On the semi-automatic dicing machines (7120 / 7130) the barcode reader is external while on the automatic dicing saws (7220) the barcode reader is internal.

This option supports various types of barcodes that can be read from the frame, from the cassette or from a paper.

Scrap Removal

The Scrap Removal kit was designed for customers dicing applications that create a lot of dirt and/or want to filter and manage the cutting waste.
This kit includes a surface that guides the water and diced remaining to a tank before going to the drain.

*This option is available with orders of new dicing machines only.

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ADT 7900 Series Datasheet

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