Repeatable X-Ray Inspection with Automated Inspection Plans for Yxlon Cheetah and Cougar

Repeatable inspection results are one of the main requirements of every X-ray system. Repeatability assumes that the X-ray system is capable of producing images of consistent quality at predetermined control points, irrespective of the time and the user. Along with traceability and reliability, the repeatability will determine the employability of the inspection system. Yxlon ensures … Read more

PCBA Inspection – One Hour Webinars on 3D AOI and AXI

Stay up to date on the latest technologies for inspection in the PCB assembly. Take advantage of our May 2021 webinars on Goepel electronics 3D AOI and AXI technology, covering the latest evolution on process inspection for solder paste printing, component placement and soldering. AXI systems – From exotic to established standard  Date: Tue, May … Read more

YXLON Cheetah and Cougar EVO – New Options for X-Ray Inspection

Cheetah Screen

Recently Yxlon presented the release of  new options for the Cheetah and Cougar EVO microfocus X-ray inspection machines. Under the motto ‘Innovation is key to Evolution – Evolution empowers you’, these new options significantly increase efficiency in the X-ray inspection of electronic components. Laminography with micro3Dslice in the Yxlon systems is off course not new, … Read more

“One X-ray, Please!” Webinar

100% inspection of hidden solder joints with AXI within line cycle time. As a rule, densely populated and complex assemblies always have one thing in common: a large number of hidden solder joints under the housings of the components. These must be inspected to ensure quality. Automatic X-Ray systems (AXI) ensure greater confidence and much … Read more