Repeatable X-Ray Inspection with Automated Inspection Plans for Yxlon Cheetah and Cougar

Repeatable inspection results are one of the main requirements of every X-ray system. Repeatability assumes that the X-ray system is capable of producing images of consistent quality at predetermined control points, irrespective of the time and the user. Along with traceability and reliability, the repeatability will determine the employability of the inspection system.
Yxlon ensures that repeatability is also an important characteristic of their off-line X-ray systems, Cheetah and Cougar.

Although off-line X-Ray systems are mostly designed for quality analysis in R&D, failure analyses, and tuning of the production process, these inspection systems are also used for quality control in actual manufacturing processes. Mostly by a sampling or selective control method.

Despite its slower cycle times, the technical capabilities (better magnification and resolution) of an off-line X-ray system provides a significantly better defect analysis than with in-line systems. This allows for actual improvement of the manufacturing process KPI’s (DPMO, first yield). As a result, the inspection has an important impact on the reliability and effectiveness of the manufacturing process.

The production lines depend on the speed of every in-line machine and an in-line X-ray system may easily become a bottleneck in the line.
The in-line X-ray systems are fast, but they aren’t capable of high-level failure analysis. Therefore, in-line systems will function as rough sorter of the manufactured products into “good“ or “bad“. For actual improving the KPI’s of the manufacturing process a further analysis of the “bad“ products by an off line system remains necessary.

Yxlon Cheetah and Cougar systems – because of their ease of use and capacity for quality control – are essential inspection tools in any electronic manufacturing environment. The systems are positioned as at-line or near-line solutions.
Several software automation functions have been implemented to ensure a repeatable inspection process and to produce images of consistent quality, at all time and by any user.

The FNC programming feature – provided by the Cheetah and Cougar – enables any user to create automated control routines without the need of extensive programming skills.
Using a graphical programming interface, a set of automation functions can be combined with accurate position programming.
Automatic report generation, including traceability interface, completes the usability of the Yxlon systems for electronic manufacturing process control.

Examples of the available automated inspection functions include:

  • Automatic recognition of reference marks avoids differences in the inspection result, caused by the inaccuracy of the system or the positioning of the product.
Image: Recognition of reference mark
  • Automated BGA analyses from pre-programmed templates. The Yxlon software allows to define BGA components of the most uncommon layout.
Image: Soldering inspection of a BGA component
  • Automated Multi Area Void Calculation allows the automatic analysis of voids even in the most complex areas (ROI – Region of Interest).
Image: Inspection of voids on multiple soldering interfaces on one position
  • Micro3DSlice module (planar CT or laminography) allows the system to automatically calculate voids on a specific slice of a PCBA (separate top and bottom soldering) or for stacked components.
Left: 2D X-Ray image of a PCBA with top and bottom assembled components.
Right: Individual images of bottom and top IC, generated with laminography CT.











  • ADR functionality (Automatic Defect Recognition) for the detection of specific, but reoccurring defects.
Left: Image of correct contacts
Right: Image of displaced contacts

By automating the inspection process Yxlon Cheetah and Cougar are capable of producing images of consistent quality at predetermined control points, at all times and by any operator.

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