Technology Days 2023: Micro Assembly – June 6

Wire Bonding and Bond Testing Workshop – June 6

June 6, 2023 – Eindhoven

Keep up to date with the newest trends in wire bonding technology and participate in this technology workshop.
Manual and automated wire bonding systems will be presented and demonstrated

Date: June 6, 2023 from 10:00 to 14:00
Venue: Accelonix BV, Luchthavenweg 18-b, 5657EB Eindhoven

Registration is required: Register here


Hesse BJ653 Automatic Wire Bonder
Full automatic Wirebonder with Wedge, BallBonding and Heavy wire Bondheads.

  • General hardware and software introduction
  • Wire Bonding Demonstration
  • Hesse Highlights
  • Pattern recognition features
  • E-Box

TPT HB16 Semi-Automatic Wire Bonder

Semi-Automatic Wire Ball, Wedge, Bump and Ribbon Wire Bonder

  • General hardware and software introduction
  • Wire Bond Demonstrations
  • TPT Highlights

Royce 620 Bondtester

Multi-test Bondtester performs most used microelectronics test applications, with manual positioning stage for higher productivity.

  • General hardware and software introduction
  • Fine Wire Pulltest
  • Ballbond Sheartest 
  • Thick Wire Sheartest.

X-Ray Services

Accelonix Benelux offers X-Ray and uCT Inspection Services with our new YXLON 

  • Introduction of Accelonix X-Ray Services
  • Live Demo of inspection of Microelectronics component.

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