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Bondjet BJ985 – Battery Bonder

Fully Automatic Heavy Wire Wedge Bonder with a large working area

Bondjets BJ985 belongs to the new generation of ultrasonic wedge-wedge bonders developed for the fully automated processing of a wide range of large-sized substrates, chips, automotive applications (e.g. batteries) and other materials.  It can be used as a fully automatic machine or operated manually.

Hesse offers the only available solution on the market of handling wires from 50 µm up to 600 µm** with only one bondhead.

Hesse GmbH, as technology leader, has designed the only heavy wire bondhead with a non destructive pulltest and a unique transducer integrated sensor for 100 % quality monitoring in real time.
A bondhead change from aluminium to copper can be realized within minutes. In addition to a standard configuration Hesse off ers automation concepts individually adapted for every application.


Bondjet BJ985 is characterized by several new features:

  • Optimized pattern recognition (PR)
  • Software features for the growing demand of connectivity and industry 4.0 (e.g. Hesse Bonder Network, remote control of PR, improved MES integration, …)
  • Hesse Assist Tools: load cell, bondtool and wire spool detection, tool calibration without wedge gauge for operator independency
  • Outstanding features of the new Bondjet BJ985 are the large bonding area of 370 mm x 870 mm, a high drive through and high speed

Advanced Features and Process Advantages

  • 50 µm – 600 µm** bondhead for Al, Cu, AlCu (2 mil – 24 mil)
  • Improved wire handling: short distance between bondhead and spool
  • Optimized pattern recognition: image capture with new digital image processing and flash
  • Hesse Assist Tools (option):
    • E-Box: patented solution for optimized tool change and programmable alignment marks for cutter, wire guide and bond wedge
    • Automated bondforce calibration; a load cell prevents operating error and ensures robust processes
    • Innovative bondtool detection
    • Wire spool detection
  • Automated bondtool calibration without wedge gauge
  • Precisely programmable bondforce actuator
  • Loop generator for individual loops
  • Wear-free components with Piezo-Technology
  • Maintenance-free solid state joints
  • Pre-setting of bondheads via EEPROM


  • Working area BJ985: 370 mm x 870 mm (14.6″ x 34.3″)
  • Flexible use of the large working area, e.g. vacuum-clamping of several 5″ x 7″ standard DCBs
  • Maximization of throughput by automation (two/more parallel lanes)


  • Continuous real time monitoring of wire deformation, transducer current and frequency within programmable control limits
  • Process integrated Quality Control PiQC: detection of further parameters by additional sensor system(e.g. friction) for 100% quality monitoring in real time (patented); as option
  • Remote pull function on PiQC threshold value for optimized cycle time; up to 30 % save on equipment
  • Integrated, non-destructive pulltest for wire and ribbon

Heavy wire bondheads

  • Heavy wire and ribbon bondheads for Al, Cu and AlCu
  • An intelligent bondhead connecting system with integrated memory stores all calibration data and enables bondhead replacement in a few minutes
  • Wire clamp for loop shape control is standard on all bondheads; optionally equipped with non-destructive pulltest

Various loop form functions

  • Reproducible loop geometry by wire guide appropriate for the material involved and moving wire buffer
  • Constant wire length and loop height
  • Mechanically demanding loop geometrics by parameterization and individual wire clamp application
  • Individual loop shapes by configurable loop trajectory generator


Working area

  • BJ985: X: 370 mm (14.6″); Y: 870 mm (34.3″); Z: 42 mm (1.65″)
  • P-rotation: 440°

Cutting methods

  • active, passive, air cut (for frontcut)


  • Digital ultrasonic generator with PLL (Phase Locked Loop), internal frequency resolution <1 Hz
  • Programmable ultrasonic power output


  • Al, Cu, AlCu: 50 µm – 600 µm** (2 mil – 24 mil)


  • Al, Cu, AlCu: 250 µm x 25 µm up to 2000 µm x 400 µm** (Cu: 200 µm)
    (10 mil x 1 mil up to 80 mil x 16 mil)

Machine dimensions

  • BJ985: 1361 mm x 2144 mm x 1920 mm (53.6″ x 84.4″ x 75.6″), appr. 1750 kg

Media connection

  • Compressed (high-purity)
  • Vacuum
  • 16A AC
  • Digital IO´s
  • USB-Ports
  • SMEMA connection
  • Gigabit-Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Profibus support


Heavy Wire Bondhead HBK

  • Type: HBK Froncut, Backcut
  • Transducer (bond frequency): 60 kHz*
  • Wire: Al, Cu, AlCu: 50 µm – 600 µm** (2 mil – 24 mil), application-dependent
  • Bonding force adjustable
  • Wedge length: 2.5″for 60 kHz
Heavy Wire Bondhead RBK Ribbon
  • Type Ribbon: RBK  Froncut
  • Transducer (bond frequency): 60 kHz*
  • Wire: 250 µm x 25 µm up to 2000 µm x 400 µm** (Cu: 200 µm)
  • (10 mil x 1 mil up to 80 mil x 16 mil)
  • Bonding force adjustable
  • Wedge length: 2.622″
Heavy Wire Bondhead RBK Copper
  • Type Copper: RBK  Froncut, Backcut
  • Transducer (bond frequency): 60 kHz*
  • Wire: Cu : 50 µm – 600 µm** (2 mil – 24 mil)
  • Bonding force adjustable
  • Wedge length: 2.733″
Process integrated Quality Control system PiQC
Software Options
PBS200 - Wire Bonder Server

Bondjet BJ985 Datasheet

PBS200 Datasheet

E-Box Datasheet