ADT 8030 Series

Full Automatic 12″ Twin

Fully Automatic Twin Dicing System

The ADT 8030 Dicing Saw has two facing spindles that can simultaneously dice wafers at high throughput.

ADT 8030 is a high accuracy system that can dice products up to 12” in diameter or 12” × 12” product,  at high performances and low cost of operation.

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Full Automatic 12″ Twin

Ease of Use

The 8030 operates with the ADT intuitive New graphic User Interface (NUI), and includes two touch-screens: a 19” monitor for the main screen and a 17” monitor maintenance screen.
The maintenance screen assists with performing system setup procedures, blade change and some basic maintenance operations.

Leading Applications:  

  • Silicon wafers for Memory and Logic products
  • MEMS (micro-electromechanical system)
  • CMOS Image Sensors (CIS)
  • Packaging (FOPLP, FOWLP, QFN, BGA)

Features and Benefits  

  • Bridge type frame
  • Flexibility – Supports Hub and Hubless blades up to 3” O.D.
  • Dual microscopes, fixed non-contact sensors and two dress stations
  • Spindles of 1.8 KW or 2.2 KW high power (for challenging applications)
  • Superior vision system with continuous zoom magnification
  • Intuitive operation interface using a large 19” touch screen monitor

Other Key Features

  • Highest dicing process speeds – Lowest cost
  • Support up to 12” × 12” square products
  • Industrial PC based on Win 10 OS
  • Air bearing feed axis (X)
  • Fast & Simple blade change with a spindle shaft lock mechanism
  • Fast automatic alignment and cut positioning for increased throughput
  • Automatic Kerf inspection and quality analysis for maximum precision
  • Process data logging and statistical analysis
  • SECS / GEM platform ready
  • Load port ready for factory automation
  • All electronic on top of the cut chamber

ADT 8030 Series Datasheet

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