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SCAN CT is a software package for measuring and analyzing 2D profiles and 3D raster maps.

It offers complete 2D and 3D surface measurement parameters as well as sophisticated filter and compensation methods.

  • Complete 2D and 3D surface analysis
  • Profile and 3D Roughness measurements according to DIN ISO EN standards
  • Comprehensive profile and surface compensations
  • Advanced filter technologies
  • Uni- / bi-directional scanning
  • Linear, circular and elipsodal scanning
  • Simultaneous data collection of up to 5 sensors
  • Dedicated user management
  • Up to 200 Mio data points per raster
  • Fast multi-thread technology
2D Profile Measurement
Profile Roughness Measurement
3D Coplanarity Measurement
3D Volume & Area Measurements
3D Roughness Measurements
2D / 3D Surface Compensation
Parallel Data Collection
More Features and Highlights

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