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3D white light interferometer

The reflected light from an object surface is separated into a reference beam and an object beam. The light from the reference mirror and the measured object is superposed. A camera captures the resulting interference pattern. While the objective is moved in small steps in z‑direction an image is taken at each position. All images are compiled to obtain the 3D topography.


For all available models of sensors please review the sensor brochure in the datasheet section.

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  • Z‑resolution down to 0.1 nm
  • X/Y‑resolution as small as 0.23 µm
  • Ideal for roughness measurements on super smooth surfaces
  • Measurement range: 100 µm, 250 µm or 400 μm
  • High numeric aperture objectives
  • Fixed mag or automatic turret
  • Multi‑Sensor mount
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