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3D confocal microscope

Light is focused through a spinning disk and the objective lens on the surface of the measurement. The holes on the disk serve as detecting pinholes to remove out‑of‑focus light. Only the surface pixel which are in focus are captured by the CCD camera. The objective lens is moved in z by a piezo drive. Each confocal image is a slice through the topography of the sample.


For all available models of sensors please review the sensor brochure in the datasheet section.

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  • Z‑resolution down to 1 nm
  • X/Y‑resolution as small as 0.23 µm
  • Ideal for measuring any type of surface including rough and highly contoured structures
  • Measurement range: 400 µm
  • High numeric aperture
  • Fixed mag or automatic turret
  • Multi‑Sensor mount
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