Innovative Software Tools for an “EMS 4.0” PCBA Workflow

In order to deliver Defect Free Products, Accelonix is promoting a new concept of Design to Delivery flows, by applying the principles of Industry 4.0 as introduced by Aster Technologies: Enhanced Manufacturing Services 4.0 (EMS 4.0).

EMS 4.0 should be part of any electronics organization’s Continuous Improvement Program, to decrease product development time, production cost and manufacturing cycle-time, while increasing product quality, reliability and ultimately the customer satisfaction.

EMS 4.0 is articulated on two principles:

  1. Qualify the customer defect universe using traceability and repair loops (big data analysis). This universe includes not only manufacturing defects, but also design, and functional defects.
  2. Simulate the manufacturing flow from schematic or layout file in order to identify the possible consequences of inadequate testability and test coverage on a new design.

Traditional Workflow:

Longer, more expensive and obsolete.

EMS 4.0 Workflow:

Improved decision-making, faster time-to-market, cheaper and better quality.
Lean design, Test and Manufacturing deliver Defect-Free products at lower cost!

ASTER has designed a complete digital software suite including TestWay and QUAD: TestWay flow for Design to Delivery and QUAD traceability for continuous DfX feedback.
Take a look at the Aster software toolsuite for EMS 4.0:


DfT, Test
coverage analysis,
Program Generation

Traceability & Advanced
repair loop
DPMO (ppm) Extraction

Electronic Assembly Documents, ECO’s and Automated Reports

PCBA Layout and
Schematic Viewer
Paperless Repair


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