Accelonix will contribute to the Dutch: “EMC-ESD-Event 2023”

The Dutch EMC-ESD association will organize it’s EMC-ESD-Event on the 21st of November 2023. Naturally Accelonix will contribute to this event.

Register for the Dutch EMC-ESD Event 2023 by clicking on the banner and registering using our free code: EMC23ACC

Protection of: Electronics and Information

For this occasion Accelonix will be accompanied by MPE to tell you all about:

  • Tempest filters
  • EMI filters
  • Protection against (High altitude) Electro-Magnetic Pulses: (H)EMP

This last item will become very important on short term notice!

Since the: “European Program for Critical Infrastructure Protection” has led to an: EU Directive on the Resilience of Critical Facilities
(CER Directive), all member states shall adopt and publish the measures necessary to comply with this Directive by the 17th of October 2024. They shall immediately. They shall immediately inform the Commission thereof and they shall apply those measures from 18 October 2024.

On this subject MPE shall elaborate what the measures are and how to apply them in a seminar lecture at 11:35.


The booth, manned by our: Matthijs Kronenburg and Luc de Bus, will exhibit a number of filters and protection devices as well as several IEC immunity test-generators.

MPE filters:

Also a small variety of MPE filters was shown, such as: Power Line Filters, HEMP & IEMI Filters, TEMPEST Filters, Feedthroughs, Control Line Filters, etc.

EM-Test Compact NX5:

Combination generator for: burst, surge, powerfail, powerdips and magnetic field tester in only a 3U housing.
The internal report generator makes the entire test sequence complete !

EM-Test NX30:

ESD generator, 30 kV with an extensive set of detailed control options and settings.

Teseq NSG 4070:

The Teseq NSG 4070 combines all necessary functions for RF immunity testing and is the only stand- alone instrument that is able to: “close the loop”.

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