Prana SW Range

0.8 GHz – 4.0 GHz

  • Class A Solid State Amplifiers
  • Broadband (instantaneous single band)
  • Model range: 18 W … 800 W
  • Mismatch tolerant and unconditionally stable
  • Air cooling: self containing fans
  • Upgrade path to highest power model
  • 3 year standard warranty on all Prana amplifiers

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Prana SW Series Solid State Class A amplifiers

Reliable, robust and manufactured following the ISO9001 standard, Prana amplifiers are guaranteed to provide a defined power supply, whatever the load mismatch is. Our amplifiers are designed to provide maximum power at the beginning and in the middle of the frequency range — that is, where it is needed — with low total harmonic distortion. Our team is committed to technical integrity, innovation, and continued development of our amplifier products. Our simplified service and maintenance features reduce downtime while meeting regulatory compliance requirements, and allow us to respond quickly to the changing needs of your business.

SW 18 Datasheet

SW 35 Datasheet

SW 65 Datasheet

SW 100 Datasheet

SW 200 Datasheet

SW 420 Datasheet

SW 800 Datasheet

Part number system:

SW 18, SW 35, SW 65:

2U and 4U amplifiers are available in 4 versions:
S: standard
D: with display, digital control, IEEE Communication
SC: standard with integrated coupler
DC: D version with integrated coupler and display of instantaneous power

SV 100, SW 200, SW 420, SW 800:

These amplifiers are available in 2 versions:
D: with display, digital control, IEEE Communication
DC: D version with integrated coupler and display of instantaneous power

Depending on your needs and configuration of the amplifier, Prana engineers can provide:

Foward and refelected self limitation
Variable gain
Variable attenuator
Hard interlock
RS232 interface
0 dBm maximum input power
Design for future upgrade

Connectors can be selected without additional cost:
Type N, 7/16, BNC, C, EIA connectors on front or rear panel

A new cooling system

Available for

SW 420 and SW 800

For most powerful amplifiers, Prana offers
the choice between standard air cooling
systems and a new water cooling system.

Advantages of the water cooling system:

  • Reduced size of the amplifier
  • Permits a precise temperature control
  • Increase the sustainability of the power components
  • An air conditioned room is not necessary
  • Silent operation