Inline JTAG Test System

Lightning-fast in-system programming inline

RAPIDO is a multi-site test system for inline programming and testing of PCB assemblies.

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Inline JTAG Test System

RAPIDO is an outstanding, “lightning-fast” solution for programming and test using embedded system access (ESA) technologies. Special mechanics ensure precise board contacting from both sides, even for high probe counts.

The system can easily be integrated into a production line, keeping up even with high-volume manufacturing cycle times.

Up to 16 units under test (UUT) can be programmed in parallel. Options can be added to allow RAPIDO to also run ESA test applications, i.e. the inline system can thoroughly test the entire board before programming components such as Flash, microcontrollers, or PLDs, for example.

RAPIDO stands for fast on-board programming of non-volatile memories and is based on the SCANFLEX hardware architecture.

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