Laplace Pre-Selector for EMC test

Pre-Selectors for EMC test

  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Band A (RF910)and band A+B (RF915) versions.
  • No active components in RF path, so very high noise tolerance.
  • 5 + 5 pole filters for high out-of-band rejection.
  • Can be used with any EMC analyser.
  • Compact and cost effective.

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The Laplace Pre-Selectors are high specification, switched band filters which track the scanning of the EMC Analyser. Control is via USB link from the Laplace EMCEngineer software supplied with SA1002 and SA3000 analysers. Installation and operation is completely automatic, and the filters will synchronise with the analyser scan without any operator intervention. A front panel switch allows manual operation if required.

Two models are available:

RF910  Band B,  150KHz – 30MHz. 8 filter bands

RF915  Band A & B,  9KHz – 30MHz.  13 filter bands

Pass band attenuation is just 4dB and out-of-band rejection is nominally 40dB.


Laplace Pre Selectors Datasheet


Laplace Tehnical Note Pre-selectors