Laplace PLIP (Voltage Probe)

Measure conducted emissions without a LISN

  • Complete conducted emissions transducer kit
  • Complies with CISPR 16 voltage probe requirements
  • Complies withsafety standard IEC1010
  • Can be used with any spectrum analyser or receiver
  • Ideal for use when EUT requires high current supply or when there are difficulties in connecting a LISN into the circuit
  • Can be used on AC or DC lines up to 275V ACV rms, line to earth. Note, this includes standard 440V 3 phase supplies


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Power Line Interference Probe

The PLIP is designed to comply with the CISPR16 requirements for a voltage probe. The design incorporates several features that are in addition to the basic CISPR16 specifications.Measure Conducted Emissions without a LISN


Laplace PLIP Datasheet