“One X-ray, Please!” Webinar

100% inspection of hidden solder joints with AXI within line cycle time.
As a rule, densely populated and complex assemblies always have one thing in common: a large number of hidden solder joints under the housings of the components. These must be inspected to ensure quality. Automatic X-Ray systems (AXI) ensure greater confidence and much higher degree of quality.

Goepel is hosting an AXI webinar on October 22, to present the system concepts that are available for testing hidden solder joints (manual vs. automatic testing). It is shown how 100% inspection can be achieved within the line cycle time. Scanning 3D X-ray image acquisition is presented as the key to enabling short cycle time with excellent defect detection.

Andreas Türk from Goepel electronic (left) with Limtronik AOI/AXI technician at the X Line·3D.

The first part of the lecture compares two established 3D image acquisition methods on the market: stop-and-go and scanning X-Ray image acquisition. In addition, the difference between 2D, 2.5D and 3D X-Ray will be examined more closely. Practical examples (BGA, QFN, LEDs) will be used to demonstrate how double sided panels can be inspected fully automatically using 3D X-Ray. The possibilities of defect detection as well as the limits of defect detection are shown.
In the second part of the webinar, the topic of software will be examined in more detail – from wizard supported test program creation using an offline programming station, to execution of the test program using machine software in Smart Phone style, to verification station for classifying the defects found.

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