The Real Benefit of 3D AOI: Goepel MagicClick! New Inspection Programs Ready in Minutes.

MagicClick – New AOI Inspection Programs in minutes with the help of intelligent algorithms using 3D modelling

The system software Goepel PILOT AOI Version 6 now has a tool for fully automated generation of 3D AOI test programs. With MagicClick users save up to 80% of the usual time for generation and optimization. This results in highly efficient AOI programming for multiple PCBs, which is particularly relevant for manufacturers of small volumes.

Automatic generation of Goepel 3D AOI programs using MagicClick begins in the first step, with the import of insertion data and Gerber data. If available, the ODB++ format is also a suitable option, of course. This step therefore includes both component parameters (name, position, item number, etc.) and information and on the layout and pad.

Detailed information is not available about the housing and the solder joint, however: dimensions, height, pin shape, etc. This is where a 3D AOI system really shines: unlike the 2D technology, where each pixel merely represents a brightness value, with 3D a height value can be assigned to each pixel. It is therefore possible to automatically generate an exact replica of the respective housing, including solder joint.

3D image with visualized test functions

In a next step, this information is accurately used to determine the particular housing shape based on intelligent algorithms and assign all the test functions necessary. At the same time, the test program is created and a component library is automatically generated based on item numbers.

In the next and final step, the test parameters are adapted to the actual process variations as the test program is executed. In order to avoid slippage, tolerance limits are set close either side of the actual measured values closely and are corrected according to the actual variations, taking into account plausibility criteria. This is based on an intelligent algorithm, which can be compared with AI (artificial intelligence) – a comparison that should be avoided at this point, however, on account of the overuse and ambiguous definition of the term.

MagicClick is available for the Goepel BasicLine 3D, VarioLine 3D, THT-Line bottom AOI module.

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