Flying Probe Tester with JTAG/Boundary Scan Integration – Takaya APT-1600FD with Multiprobe

Goepel EJS integration with Takaya Flying ProbeTest

The system integration of JTAG/Boundary Scan for the Takaya Flying Probe Systems has been extended. A specially designed hardware and software package from GOEPEL electronic is used to combine the Embedded JTAG Solutions with Takaya APT-1600FD and Multiprobe option. This enables the user to  contact his own pad geometries for the Test Access Port (TAP) with a mini adapter in an easy and flexible way.

The Multiprobe is implemented as standard on the bottom side probes of the APT-1600FD as an alternative tool to one of the regular probes. This ensures compact contacting of the JTAG-relevant signals, including UUT supply. Thus all JTAG/Boundary Scan tests as well as programming routines can be integrated into a fully automated inline system with loader and unloader. Due to the smooth interaction of Takaya APT and GOEPEL electronic software, the PCBA’s can first be tested with MDA and Boundary Scan, then programmed and finally functionally tested. The integration package by GOEPEL electronic is based on the SFX II CUBE architecture with specially adapted components for the Takaya Multiprobe option.

The integration into the APT-1600FD eliminates the manual contacting between JTAG/Boundary Scan tester and the EUT and saves handling steps. Component test, JTAG/Boundary Scan, programming and functional test are now performed on one system. Due to the increasing speed and flexibility of Takaya flying probe testers, they are increasingly becoming the core testplatform for medium volume production, especially with a high mix of products. This in turn saves adapter costs and minimises time-to-market. Possible gaps of reduced probing access is closed by the smart JTAG/Boundary Scan integration.

Contact us for more information or a demonstration of Takaya Flying Probe Testers and/or Goepel JTAG/Boundary Scan solutions.

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