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Accelonix Benelux has a long history as distributor of ADT (Advanced Dicing Technologies) dicing solutions.

ADT offers turnkey dicing solutions optimal for each application, even for the most challenging dicing tasks. ADT is specialized in the development and manufacturing of dicing saws, blades and processes used in the dicing of silicon-based, Package Singulation and hard material Microelectronic Components (MEC).

Accelonix has many years experience with ADT Dicing Saws and can support you locally with your dicing challenges. Our experienced team of trained service engineers can provide installation maintenance, support, training and application support.


ADT can offer dicing equipment with a variety of capabilities, configurations and levels of automation. From manual load single spindle to full automatic loading dual spindle systems that can handle up to 12″ inch workpieces.

7100 Series – Manual load / Single spindle
7200 Series – Automatic load / Single spindle
Fully Automatic Twin Dicing System


To complement their dicing machine, ADT offers a wide range of peripheral instrumentation and accessories, to suit an ever-growing range of customer requirements.

Wafer Mounters
UV Curing station
Spindle Chillers
Water filtration



ADT also has a own Dicing Blade Factory and can offer dicing blades optimal designed for your specific application or dicing blade requirements.

Resin Dicing Blades
RESIN DICING BLADES – Ideal for cutting hard/brittle materials: Ceramic, Quartz, Glass QFN HTCC etc.
NICKEL DICING BLADES – Ideal for soft material applications such as: PCB, Silicon and BGA
METAL DICING BLADES – Metal sintered blades feature slower wear rate than Resin but faster than Nickel
HUB BLADES – Long-life substrate singulation dicing blade

Combining our equipment, dicing blades and process know-how we bring our customers comprehensive dicing solutions.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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