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With “Test Convention connect 2021”, our partner Goepel electronic is launching the digital version of this testing technology event for the first time. No long journeys, no full-day events – just convenient, free of charge, individual 90 minutes web sessions on different days.

The focus of the event is on imparting knowledge about technological advances, development of new systems and solutions to problems.
There is a lot to say, to show and to experience.
Step into the virtual conference rooms, workshops,  discuss ideas and options with us and let’s look together at state of the art PCBA Inspection Solutions and Embedded JTAG Solutions.

The event takes place from Monday to Thursday in 90-minute sessions, starting at 08:00 CET.
15. Feb ’21 : Artificial Intelligence for Embedded JTAG Solutions
16. Feb ’21 : Embedded JTAG Solutions
17. Feb ’21 : Visual Project Explorer
18. Feb ’21 : Automatic Test Equipment
22. Feb ’21 : Artificial Intelligence in Inspection Solutions
23. Feb ’21 : X-ray Inspection
24. Feb ’21 : 3D AOI Inspection
25. Feb ’21 : THT Inspection & Smart Factory

More information and the registration form can be found here.

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