MultiCam Line

THT Inspection

Goepel MultiCam Line is a completely wear and maintenance-free inline AOI system for THT placement inspection. This compact AOI system can be easily integrated on any inline conveyor transportation system.

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THT Inspection

The camera module MultiEyeS consists of multiple cameras arranged in a matrix-like configuration with a combined resolution of 120 megapixels.

The images, captured in parallel, are merged together with an application-optimized stitching algorithm. Thereby, no x/y axis movement of the camera head is necessary.

With a footprint of only 660 mm x 760 mm, an inspection area of 490 mm x 390 mm is covered.

The AOI system features Goepel PILOT AOI user software and integrates to Goepel PILOT CONNECT for integration with MES and database systems to centralize all inspection and machine data.

  • High speed AOI system based on the innovative camera module MultiEyeS
  • Unprecented inspection speed of up to 300 cm²/s
  • Completely wear and maintenance-free since no x/y-axis movement of the camera head is required
  • Component height / depth of field up to 100 mm
  • Image Acquisition: Multi-camera array MultiEyeS with 120 megapixel
  • Colour Depth: 24 Bit
  • Depth of Field: 100 mm
  • Integration: Into conveyor or THT Line
  • Inspection Scope: Presence, Location accuracy, Polarity and labeling (OCR) of THT components
  • Lighting System: TOP LED
  • Inspection Speed: up to 300 cm2/s
  • Inspection Area: 490 mm x 390 mm / Larger areas possible

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