JTAG/Boundary Scan Functional Test Integration

Advantages of the Combination with Functional Test Systems

Increase in test depth

Fault diagnostic at pin level

Test program generation becomes far simpler

PCB programming

Control of functions with the technologies of Embedded JTAG Solutions

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Combination of Embedded JTAG Solutions with Functional Test (FT)

Functional Test has long been established as a reliable instrument for quality assurance, but the increasing complexity of today’s designs makes it difficult and time consuming to create test programs.

Today, it is practically impossible to test every function of a highly complex UUT.

A combination of Functional Test and Embedded JTAG Solutions makes sense since Embedded JTAG Solutions does not test the circuit’s functionality but uses its pins for driving and measuring the PCB traces. Therefore, the test of an interface is very simple. The assessment of functions, which can rarely be attained during “normal operations”, can easily be tested. Furthermore, Embedded JTAG Solutions enables the fault diagnosis at pin level which is extremely useful for subsequent repair of the PCB.

Additional Test Options at Board and System Level

Specially designed integration packages in various performance classes contain a hardware and software configuration tailored to the ATE (Automatic Test Equipment). The functions of the SYSTEM CASCON software platform are integrated into the ATE software for Functional Tester. A common error report completes the integration solution.

With this combination of test technologies, the user benefits from a multitude of additional test options at board and system level over the entire product life cycle. In contrast to individual systems, integration offers significant advantages in test coverage, diagnostic depth and process optimization.

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