JTAG Desktop Tester

Goepel JULIET is a professional JTAG / Boundary Scan Production Tester. It combines the complete system electronics together with the adaptation of the UUT via an exchangeable adaptor in a compact system.

The JULIET testers are based on standard components like SYSTEM CASCON™, SCANBOOSTER™, and SCANFLEX®, hence they are compatible to systems already used in development, and flexibly upgradable. A total of six different JULIET versions cover all possible production applications, from the simple test execution to the complete repair station with graphical failure visualisation, and make the system ideal for fast prototyping and low volume production.

At the same time, our development strategy focuses especially on securing investments already made by providing updates and upgrades.

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JTAG Desktop Tester

Goepel JULIET (JTAG Unlimited Tester) was developed primarily for test and programming of JTAG/Boundary Scan boards in prototyping and small batches in production. The compact device consists of the following components:

  • Exchangeable adaptor with a maximum of 600 pins (UUT adaptation)
  • Board clamp – allows a maximum of 300 pins from top
  • Control elements for system control
  • All-purpose basic device with integrated test electronics
  • External control PC (not included)

The integrated hardware and software enable versatile applications:

  • UUT current draw verification
  • Test of I/O connectors, DIMM sockets, IEEE 1149.6 peripherals, bus interfaces and nonscannable formwork components
  • Source and measurement of analog voltage
  • Programming of high-speed Flash, PLDs and MCUs
  • Processor Emulation Test (VarioTAP)*
  • Chip-Embedded Instrumentation (ChipVORX)*
  • Custom dynamic IP based tests*
    *available only in ”Standard“ version. VarioTAP or ChipVORX utilization requires corresponding IP models.

Options for Assembly Integration and production process integration:

  • Integration into Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Complete adaptation (fixtures and test programs)
  • Custom GUI development
  • Integration of external devices into the testing process
  • Upgrade with additional system options
  • Link to repair systems and data servers
  • Pin fault report (JULIET Failure Diagnostics System)
  • Fault location display (JULIET Repair Diagnostics System)
  • Software extension as development station

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