JTAG Test System

With BARCUDA VP230 you can test and program assemblies with or without JTAG/Boundary Scan – with no need to configure a special in-house test system.

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JTAG Test System

The BARCUDA VP230 is a complete turnkey solution for flexible testing and programming of electronic assemblies.

The stand-alone unit uses the technologies of embedded JTAG solutions such as VarioTAP or ChipVORX. However, you can also expand these to meet the functional test requirements of your electronics production.

With a standard, robust interface “VPC G12 Receiver” from Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC), you can choose the adapter supplier (for needle bed adapters) for contacting your assembly and implement any mechanical requirements.

BARCUDA VP230 is equipped with a complete power-up unit and TAP control for 16 boards, which can be scaled up to 32 boards. It can also be expanded with analogue measurement cards, additional I/O channels and your specific hardware.

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