Data I/O LumenX

Desktop Device Programmer

The Data I/O LumenX™ programming platform increases programming speed by an order of magnitude, cutting your overall total cost of programming immensely.

Engineered to maximize manufacturing velocity with rapid download, program and verify speeds at the lowest total cost per programmed part for an exceptional value.

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Desktop Device Programmer

The Data I/O LumenX programming platform delivers ultra-fast performance with programming speeds up to 160 MBytes/second and download speeds of 25 MBytes / second, up to 5x faster than today’s programming technology.  The LumenX programming platform supports the latest eMMC 4.41 to 5.1 devices, SPI NOR, UFS and more.  Data I/O works closely with all leading eMMC semiconductor manufacturers  to ensure  all algorithms are developed and tested to meet the specifications.  With over a million eMMC devices tested to date, the LumenX programming platform has been evaluated and received industry support and acclaim from the leading eMMC semiconductor manufactures.

  • Integrates with PSV7000 for Maximum Socket Capacity
  • Tool-less Changeover
  • High Insertion Count (HIC) sockets (250,000)
  • Programs up to 112 Devices Simultaneously (in the PSV7000)
  • Reduce Total Programming Cost by up to 75%
  • 80MBytes/Second Read and Write
  • Up to 256GB File Size
  • 1 Gigabit Network Interface
  • 8 Single Socket Adapters Per Programmer
  • eMMC support:

Data I/O LumenX Datasheet