Vision recognition function Desktop robot 350PCSmart SMΩX

High precision micro tabletop dispensing robot suitable for R&D, Universities and low/mid volume Production.

Fully compliant with workpiece distortion, warping and misalignment.

Optimum dispensing can also be carried out on workpieces of varying size and shape, such as plastic moulded products.

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Vision recognition function Desktop robot 350PCSmart SMΩX

Desktop application robot with PC controlled vision software

  • Position correction can be performed with vision in a variety of conditions, including previously undetectable components
  • Link with dispenser Synchro SpeedTM function. Line width can be kept stable regardless of robot speed
  • High quality dispensing can be performed automatically without complicated settings
  • Full 3D alignment
  • Also available with clean room option

Equipped with high-precision full function correcting!

  • By 3D alignment function, it is correspondence for XYθ revision to inclination of work and Z revision that we put together to undulate. It is most suitable for adhesive process of smartphone.
  • Carry out production cycles from work import to export automatically and watch, and, also, is automatic in production information; is logging for database. Traceability correspondence by production log.
  • Even if shape changes by misses, the new development edge detection function deployment, alignment object recognize alignment exactly.
  • We display the application preview function deployment, application image.
  • Labor saving, person by simple setup-saving.
  • Figure edites application program on PC by application pattern editing software MuCADV.

Musashi XM350 PC Datasheet